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Would you like to know how much you will save with a solar installation after Federal and State incentives? Are you looking for a great rate on a solar quote in Gainesville, FL, or the surrounding areas? Did you know you may qualify for tax credits, like the ITC, which offers 30% of installation costs that can be deducted from your annual taxes, depending on whether you lease or buy your solar energy system? If you are looking for steps to take when hiring a solar energy contractor, Solar ITC Saves is here to evaluate your options. At our first no-obligation consultation, you will receive a free quote and the choices available for your home. Before you make a final agreement, we will help you establish the final cost. Solar ITC Saves wants to help initiate your solar savings and empower your positive lifestyle change.

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Solar ITC Saves believes safeguarding the environment and public health are equally essential now more than ever! If you want to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint in helping Gainesville become a carbon impartial City, then you're welcome! Our solar professionals will guide you with our solar calculator to identify and inform you of every aspect of the installation and maintenance process. The first step in calculating the cost of solar panels is to estimate the system size you need. Our estimators will educate you and help you determine how many panels you need to power your home, how many will fit on your roof, where they will need to be placed, how much you will save on your electric bill, how much solar will cost your home based on the average cost in your region, calculate how many sq ft of space the roof requires, and develop a possible payback time for your homes solar plan.

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As independent advisors working with Florida's most in-demand solar energy company for many years, we decided to use our strength to help others save in the growing solar energy industry. Our customers, some of whom are your neighbors, told us that we provide the most economical solar quotes in Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our team of solar experts will take care of everything, including obtaining work orders, required permits, FLterials, and the best contractors to install your solar panels. Call us directly to learn more, or click the button below to submit your utility bill and start the process to stop overpaying for power. A better future inspires us, but the sun is so bright that we need to use it to our advantage, for ourselves and our little loved ones.