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Do you know what questions to ask when searching for solar contractors? Is there a dedicated project manager? Will the solar energy contractor maintain the equipment? How does obtaining a schedule of activities or a timeline plan work? What happens when you sign an agreement with us? Solar ITC Saves will assign a dedicated project manager that will keep you informed through every step of your project. If you are looking for informative, experienced solar energy contractors in Orlando, FL, and elsewhere in Connecticut, you are in the right place. We've got you covered in protecting your solar investment and ensuring long-term value. Once you sign the agreement, we will take care of everything else. Our clients are often quite impressed with our prices, courteousness, and, more importantly, our patience and knowledge.

Receive 30% Of The Total Cost Of Your Solar Power System!

Solar ITC Saves will empower you to remove the energy consumption and expense gap, and we will make the whole process as straightforward as possible. Including how the ITC is a huge benefit -part of a worthy invitation to go solar available for qualified homeowners. The recent tax credit boost has made it a great time to go solar, so it's a great time to take advantage of the generous federal subsidies we consumers have at our disposal to support clean energy and save money by going solar. You can receive 30% of the total cost of your solar power system in the form of a federal tax credit. The federal tax credit alone is worth $3500 on an average basis, which does not even account for numerous state incentives available that may also apply. During our informative yet comfortable solar strategy session, you will learn how much money you can save when you manage your power, not the utility company!

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You deserve the best; therefore, your home's solar systems installation should be handled by the best, which is what we do here at Solar ITC Saves. We are considered the best solar energy contractors in Orlando, FL, and elsewhere in Connecticut because our customers are top priorities! Call us directly to install your solar panels, or click the button below for more information on all the benefits of switching to solar power. When you choose to work with Solar ITC Saves, our team of professionals will tend to everything, including obtaining necessary permits, work orders, and materials. All you need to do is sit back and relax with peace of mind knowing you are doing the right thing for your family's future for years to come.